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Pamukkale: Turkey's Cotton Castle of Terraces and Ancient Hierapolis

submitted on 23 December 2023 by

A Pristine Wonderland of Travertine Terraces

Deep in the heart of Turkey's Western Aegean region lies Pamukkale, a veritable Cotton Castle of terraces, and the ancient city of Hierapolis. Picture, if you will, a Skyrim mod run amok, a landscape dotted with milky white pools and cascades of turquoise water, all carefully carved by calcite-laden hot springs over millennia. It's like nature's infinity pool, if the architect was a mildly intoxicated Bob Ross.These travertine terraces are so eerily beautiful that it feels like a giant stumbled upon a limestone quarry and decided to make a cake out of it, frosting and all. Legend has it that Pamukkale was home to the ancient spa city of Hierapolis, so if soaking in hot springs while surrounded by the remnants of Greco-Roman history is your idea of a good time, then pack your bags, because we're going on a journey.

Getting There

Start at the city of Denizli, which serves as your humble gateway to this geological curiosity. From there, an army of minibuses, taxis, and elephants (okay, not really) will get you to your destination, with plenty of time to ponder what sort of cosmic accident led to the creation of such a place. Alternatively, you could take a direct flight to Denizli if you have more money than patience.

Exploring the Terraces

Once you arrive at your destination, the first order of business is to shed your shoes - Mother Nature will simply not allow you to defile her masterpiece with your filthy footwear. A word of caution: the terraces can be slippery, so don't let your enthusiasm get the better of you. As you traverse the landscape, remember to say a quiet prayer of gratitude to whatever divine (or otherwise) forces led you to this moment.
  • Tip 1: Visit during the early morning or late afternoon hours to avoid crowds and capture those coveted Instagram-worthy shots.
  • Tip 2: Bring sunglasses - the sun's reflection against the white travertine is brighter than your future, and you don't want to miss out on the views.
  • Tip 3: Keep an eye out for rogue Roman statues - they've been known to photobomb unsuspecting tourists.

A Dip in the Antique Pool

Soak your weary bones in the Antique Pool, a geothermal wonder filled with warm, clear waters and the occasional ancient marble column. Yes, you read that correctly - this pool features actual ruins from the Temple of Apollo, providing an unforgettable (and mildly hazardous) swimming experience. Splurge on a dip in these therapeutic waters and emerge feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and like a true Roman god.Just don't try to take any souvenirs; local authorities frown upon tourists attempting to smuggle millennia-old artifacts in their swim trunks.

Exploring Ancient Hierapolis

Once you've had your fill of geological splendor, it's time to dry off and head to Hierapolis, an ancient city perched atop the travertine plateau. Here, you'll find ruins of temples, baths, a theater, and even a necropolis, all just waiting to be explored. Additionally, the Hierapolis Archaeology Museum offers a glimpse into the everyday life of the city's ancient inhabitants, with exhibits featuring everything from pottery to sarcophagi. If you've ever wanted to combine your love of history with your penchant for spelunking, now's your chance.

Take a Trip to the Dark Side: The Kaklik Cave

If the terraces of Pamukkale are like a pristine white cake, then the Kaklik Cave is the dark chocolate lava cake to their vanilla; a mysterious, subterranean counterpart filled with the same calcite formations, but with an added air of intrigue. This hidden gem is accessible via a spiral staircase and offers a rare look at the geological processes that created Pamukkale in the first place. Just make sure you bring a flashlight - the Kaklik Cave doesn't come with a complimentary sunroof.In conclusion, Pamukkale and its ancient city of Hierapolis offer a unique combination of natural wonders and historical remnants, providing a truly unforgettable experience for visitors. Whether you're lounging in otherworldly hot springs, exploring the ruins of a bygone era, or spelunking your way through a hidden cave, you'll leave with a renewed sense of wonder at the vast complexity and beauty of our world.
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