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Olomouc: Czech Republic's Underrated Baroque Beauty

submitted on 16 March 2024 by
Olomouc: Czech Republics Underrated Baroque Beauty


Forget Prague. Forget Brno. Let me take you on a wild ride to Olomouc, a city that's got it all: history, culture, and a serious case of architectural charm – all wrapped up in a pretty Baroque package. Not many people know about this underrated gem, but that just makes it all the more appealing. And trust me, once you've seen what it has to offer, you'll wonder why it's not plastered all over the cover of every European travel guide known to man.

Start with the Holy Trinity Column

Upon arrival, you'll want to head straight to the city's crowning glory: the Holy Trinity Column, a 35-meter-high ode to Catholicism and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. No mere monument, this bad boy is a riotous mix of statues, reliefs, and gilded street cred. It's so impressive, you'll probably want to genuflect before it even if you're not the religious type. The column is also home to a tiny chapel, so if the urge to confess your sins becomes too strong, you'll be well prepared.

Hit the Streets and Squares

Once you've paid your respects to the Holy Trinity Column, it's time to hit Olomouc's streets and squares. And let me tell you, they're a treasure trove of delights for architecture and history buffs. Just take a leisurely stroll around, and you'll come across a cornucopia of Baroque façades, elegant archways, and frescoed ceilings that'll make your heart sing. Don't miss the city's central square, Horní náměstí, which is home to the magnificent Olomouc Town Hall and its 75-meter-tall tower. Climb to the top, and you'll get jaw-dropping panoramic views of the city that'll make you feel like a bird soaring through a Baroque wonderland.

Admire the Churches

Olomouc is chock-full of churches that will wow you with their beauty and history. Two of the most impressive are the Church of St. Maurice and the Church of St. Michael, both boasting a unique blend of Gothic and Baroque styles that'll leave you mesmerized. And if you're lucky enough to catch an organ concert at St. Maurice, I guarantee it'll blow your mind – or at the very least, your eardrums.

Go Underground

If you're in the mood for something a little more subterranean, check out Olomouc's underground spaces. These include the city's medieval cellars, which were once used for storing beer and wine, and the crypts beneath the city's churches, where you can see the remains of some very old and very important people. Just don't forget to bring a flashlight – some of these places are darker than a black cat on a moonless night.

Get Cultured at the Museums

Olomouc is a city with a rich history, and its museums are the perfect place to get your fix of culture and knowledge. The Olomouc Museum of Art is a must-visit, with its extensive collection of Baroque and Gothic art, as well as works by local artists like Jan Kupecký and Petr Brandl. And don't pass up the chance to visit the Archdiocesan Museum, located in the stunning former residence of the city's bishops. It's got an impressive collection of religious art and artifacts that'll make you feel like you've stepped back in time.

Take in a Show

After a day spent admiring the city's Baroque beauty, why not unwind with a performance at the Moravian Theatre? With a lineup that includes opera, drama, ballet, and musicals, there's bound to be something that tickles your fancy. Even if you're not fluent in Czech, the magic of the stage transcends language barriers – and let's face it, who wouldn't want to sit in a stunning Baroque-style auditorium and take in some highbrow entertainment?

Pig Out on Local Eats

All this exploring is bound to work up an appetite, so make sure you sample some of the local cuisine. Be sure to try Olomoucké tvarůžky, a pungent cheese that's either a love-it-or-hate-it affair (but definitely worth a taste). Grab a pint of the local brew, Litovel beer, and wash it all down in style. And if you're in the mood for something sweet, hunt down some Olomoucké pusinky, delightful little meringue cookies that are sure to satisfy your sugar cravings.


So there you have it, folks: a whirlwind tour of Olomouc, the Czech Republic's underrated Baroque beauty. It may not have the international acclaim of Prague or Brno, but it's got more than enough charm, history, and culture to make it a must-see destination. So pack your bags, brush up on your Czech, and prepare to fall in love with this delightful city. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.
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