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Diving Margaret River Region West Australia

submitted on 10 June 2022 by

Western Australia is home to the Margaret River region that is surrounded with amazing wineries, breweries, boutiques and crystal clear waters filled with marine life, perfect for scuba diving, swimming and other activities. 

The pristine coastline starts from Geographe Bay all the way to Cape Leeuwin at the point where Southern and indian Oceans meet. This area is rich in incredible natural wonders and underwater life that there is truly something for everyone. People of every age can enjoy various activities and adventures in the region. 

You will find plenty of water activities from exploring historic ship wrecks to snorkeling, diving or having underwater walk to witness the unique species.

River class destroyer escort of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), HMAS Swan was among the first sunken dive wrecks of Australia. It is a recreational diving site in Geogrpahe Bay near Busselton, with an incredible artificial coral reef. It is exceptionally large area to explore and the dive is too long so it is best for advanced level divers. This can be a unique and one of its kind experience of many people. 

Here are a few things about the dive
It is an advanced level dive that needs proper training and technical learning.

Depth range of the dive is 9 - 32m and the water temperature is maximum 19-22oC (during the ideal time for visiting). Ideal time to visit HMAS SWAN diving site is from mid-September to mid-May. 

The site is only for certain activities and it is a "no take zone" that means extracting marine life from the site or taking mementos from the ship structure is not allowed.

There is yellow marker buoy to indicate about the limits of spearfishing and fishing.

Ship wreck has multiple entry points with direct access to exit points, over heads and alternate exits. Divers can pass through various holes cut into the aluminum and steel to explore the interior of the ship. 

Interior of the ship is very interesting, it includes magazine room, control room, gallery, funnel uptakes, steering gear, toilets, laundry and a bridge. Communication tower or crows nest is the most prominent feature of the exterior of the wreck, it top sits almost nine meters in water. Position of the tower is indicated by the yellow "Swan Wreck" marker bouy. Divers cannot access the engine room. 

There is a huge variety of marine life inside the wreck that includes blue devilfish, schools of pike and bulleye, leather jacket, western talma, banded sweep and many others. Marine life outside the wreck contains schools of juvenile demersal species like flathead, snapper, globefish, kingfish, Samson fish, batfish and odd nudibranch. You might also come across one of the resident wobbegongs. There are numerous species of hard and soft corals, colorful ascidians colonized in the entire wreck. 

Currently two public moorings are available which are indicated by the white mooring floats. One part is the bow that points towards Cape Naturaliste and Stern that is towards Busselton. Read complete instructions about the site to know the place better for more amazing experience. 

Geographe Bay Artificial Reef Society GBARS owns and manages the wreck. All funds are received by the society and it grants a permit that is required to dive the wreck. One permit can be used for four divers. Recreational divers can buy day, week or year passes. Try to book the passes or apply for permit couple of days before visiting. 

Dunsborough and Busselton visitor centers issue permits. Local dive operator 'SWAN Dive' also sells alternative permits. It also offers equipment hire, tank refills, tours and dive courses. The HMAS Swan dive is an incredible experience.

Granny's pool
It is an amazing coastline with a portion of shallow water that is best for snorkeling and crab hunting. Family friendly place is tucked up in Flinders Bay coastline. Area surrounding the Granny's pool is marvelous to enjoy and relax nearby trees shade. Apart from water activities, visitors can explore Augusta's history and character.

Swan dive offers daily tours for the exploration of HMAS swan wreck, Busselton Jetty and experiencing other local reef sites. Along with managing complete trips, Swan dive offers safety, comfort and enjoyable experience to every diver in and out of water. 

Dive starts from the cruise in comfort and style on a 13meter custom built dive boat. Short boat ride starts from Port Geographe Bay Marina Busselton. It has sun loungers to relax during the cruise. Boat makes several stops on the dive sites and offers surface intervals to refresh after dive, like hot water showers to get warm. 

Leaving from Marina is the most convenient option. There is easy parking, no sandy beach to walk through, hot water showers, gear washing. Place to have lunch and a pub to enjoy drinks. Swan dive has a retail shop where full diving equipment is available for hire, it also offers air fills and a range of different types of diving and spearfishing gear.

You can learn complete diving by registering to one of the courses. They have excellent quality course content, highly experienced instructors who love their profession. SSI scuba school offers most of the content online so people can learn at their own pace and time. Practical lessons are scheduled after learning the theory.

Dive Busselton Jetty
Dive Busselton is the only operator in the South West that offers snorkel, dive and undersea walk tours. This is an amazing adventure tour in the area that is voted as one of Australia's best shore dives. Their team contains very friendly and helpful dive professionals.

Underwater walk is an incredible experience that can be done by anyone aged 12+. They can have one of the most memorable experiences of their lives by coming personal and close to the marine world. Guests from all over the world visit to enjoy the unique activity. Different tours include diving, snorkeling and helmet diving on Busselton Jetty. It is very fun, easy and safe. 

They also offer weekly PADI certified dive courses, offer tank refills and dive equipment hire. You can check availability and book online. Tours booking starts from November and they are offered from 1st of December to April 17th. You can check the website for details, procedures, practices and complete instructions especially after COVID-19. 

Things to do in Margaret River Region
Margaret River region is filled with natural wonders and stunning bio diversity. There are a plenty of activities which can be done in the area. You can discover marvelous art scene, experience delicious food and wine, indulge yourself in the pristine natural environment. You can also enjoy abseiling, coasteering, scenic helicopter flight and guided walk tours. 

Region has marvelous bio diversity that makes it a place worth exploring. There are many wild species which are not easily seen in other parts of the world. You can go for bird watching to witness unique and beautiful species, meet a woylie or find a secret swimming spot. You can also explore the area by the mountain bike trails and visit crystal caves. 

Margaret River region and surrounding areas offer a wide range of foods, wines and beers. Wine, gin or beer are produced and many food items are grown locally. There are farmer markets, cafes, restaurants and wineries. You can trust the chef in selecting wine with your food. Have a wonderful experience by enjoying local food and wine produced in the region. 

While walking through the areas, you will find artists and creatives. There are many fine art galleries, working studios, live gigs and cinema to enjoy the local art forms. Art of this area is thriving and it is visited by artists from all over the world. Hire a chauffeur for the day. This region is perfect place to offer most memorable holiday to its visitors.
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