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A Not So Young Woman Abroad


Solo travel as a not so young woman can be quite the experience. If I could have a dollar for every time someone has told me I was brave I would be a wealthy woman. I have always had the yearning to travel. When I was young my greatest desire was to don a backpack and take off to see the world.

My family came a little earlier than expected and I found myself with 2 wonderful children by the age of 23 (not that I minded), - my travel plans were put on hold. So as soon as my family was grown and I found myself single again, that old desire returned and off into the world I went.

A Not So Young Woman Abroad has been born of my experiences as a solo traveller who has no desire to "do" any country much less be confined on a "guided" tour. Travelling alone in the world I have had the most amazing experiences. I will be sharing tips and some interesting and juicy stories about my adventures. From seeing a shooting in New York to being asked by a cheeky Frenchman for a roll in the hay. I'm also in the process of designing and gathering some wonderful travel products, travel clothes and accessories, that are the Not So Young Woman Abroad's must haves.

I hope you enjoy my journey.

@Julie Beckers

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